Title Agency Support

Title Agency Support

Chris Mooser & Kevin Hayes, Founders
Chris Mooser & Kevin Hayes, Founders

About TAS

TAS was founded in 2009 by Kevin J. Hayes, an attorney with over 25 years of experience in the title insurance industry, and Chris J. Mooser, attorney and veteran of the title insurance industry for more than 20 years. Our experienced professionals provide accurate and guaranteed title property reports to lenders, title insurance underwriters, title agents, attorneys, as well as settlement and default servicing firms.

Contact Title Agency Support for solutions that save you time and servicing costs. We can provide you with complete residential title searches and documentation in 72 hours or less, depending on your location. TAS can also perform commercial title searches on an “a la carte” basis. From single document retrieval, to a full history of the property, we are here to support you. In addition to our title services, ask TAS about notary closings, document preparation, policy preparation and instrument recording services.

By minimizing and isolating title risks, and by assuming the liability of accurate reporting, it is the goal of TAS to simplify the closing process for our underwriters and clients. TAS currently operates in 15 states.

The Title Process

  • Title Search and Examination

    When buying a home, prospective homebuyers or their real estate professionals consult a title company or agent. These highly trained professionals are responsible for the examination of public records to find and isolate title risks. This can be a tedious process and that’s where Title Agency Support steps in. Our professionals can save you time and guarantee accuracy, thereby minimizing risk of any errors that could hold up your closing.

  • Curative Actions

    During the title search and examination, title defects are found in more than one out of three residential real estate transactions. These defects are remedied or otherwise addressed by title professionals as a matter of course – a process that can be difficult, as well as costly. This important work is done behind the scenes to protect the interests of the buyers. The corrective work performed by title professionals also helps to uphold the integrity of the land records upon which our property registration system is built.

  • Settlement / Closing Services

    Once we have accurately established ownership and have all of the records in place, you are now ready for the closing and settlement. TAS can assist in this process as well with mobile Notary closing services, document preparation and instrument recording.

  • Title Insurance Policy

    When a property’s title is determined to be in insurable condition, the transaction can close and we will issue a policy of title insurance. — either an Owner’s Policy that protects the homeowner from enumerated title risks for as long as the policyholder owns the property, or a Loan Policy, generally required by lenders to provide insurance that their mortgage liens are valid and enforceable.