Title Agency Support

Title Agency Support

Residential Services

TAS is the premier provider of all support services for real estate title agents. Our a la carte approach lets you determine the services best suited for your real estate transaction.

Title Searches

  • TAS has broad title search capabilities to meet the unique needs of your transaction. Our offerings include legal and vesting, current owner, refinance, beneficiary check, and co-op reports. In situations involving distressed properties, we provide REO and foreclosure reports. We can also help you determine specific details included in trustee sales, 24 month/IPMM, HOA lien, and full (20-60 years) reports.
  • Municipal & Tax Services

  • We offer reports on taxes, certificates of occupancy, and housing and building violations, as well as results of survey inspections.
  • Notary Closing Services

  • Our mobile notary service can facilitate all your document signing needs. TAS can coordinate and simplify the process of closing real estate transactions by sending a notary (or attorney where required) directly to an individual’s home or workplace to get documents signed, notarized and promptly returned. We have agents experienced in every type of signing appointment you may need.
  • Document Preparation

  • At Title Agency Support, we can prepare a variety of documents in as little as 24 hours including Standard Deed, Deed of Gift, Deed of Correction, Deed of Divorce, Quit Claim, Note, Deed of Assumption, Subordination, Deed of Trust, Specific Power of Attorney.
  • Instrument Recording

  • Title Agency Support offers a centralized, single source document recording solution providing fast, efficient, and economical service with superior experience in all recording jurisdictions nationwide. We provide you with a single source for recording mortgages, deeds of trust, security instruments, assignments, satisfactions, and more, located in county recording offices everywhere in the United States.